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Rebuilding the Clinic

In the beginning of 2014 I received the saddest news of the year. I was going about on my day, I was heading out of the clinic for a quick visit to a nearby store and the owner of the neighbor shop said: Narinig mo ba? Nabenta na daw nila yung building, ah” (So, have you heard? They’ve finally sold the building.) I looked at him. I pretended to be totally okay with it and I ran back inside. It wasn’t exactly the first time for me to hear this. Rumors about selling the building circulated 2 years prior but it was never pursued and we were assured that we would all be given proper notice once things are certain, so I stopped worrying about it a long time ago until I heard it again that day. When I got back upstairs, I took my phone and called the caretaker. She was shocked I knew about it, but she had no choice but to confirm that it was indeed happening–the building will be sold and we had three months to get ready to move out.

MOVE OUT. Ha! I spent a few days just bawling after that. In between the crying I would be driving around Timog Avenue, West Avenue and E. Rodriguez looking for commercial spaces for rent or I’d be online looking at ad placements, hoping to get lucky. I was in shock. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone–I was settled, then all of a sudden I was being asked to move out and was barely given time to do it. It was either I find a place that’s perfect or I don’t find anything at all, so I thought about giving up the practice or closing for awhile until something good comes along.
The total control freak, this time I had no clue what to do and on top of that, I had no idea where to get the money to do what I had to do. The only comforting thought I had during that time was I knew the Lord wouldn’t leave me alone on this and He surely didn’t. After the unsettling week of crying and finding no direction, things just suddenly happened. Like a gift being handed to me, wrapped with ribbons, everything just fell into place. During that time, patients with big cases came in and I was suddenly given more than what I needed. I was also led to the perfect location, the right team of workers and the magnificent set of hands to make all things possible. Like He did in 2008 when we built You and Your Teeth Dental Clinic for the first time, the Lord provided for me, so let this be the testimony of His love and faithfulness in my life. One by one, the plans became concrete… and suddenly I wasn’t even scared about moving anymore.
rebuilding the clinic 1.jpg
By March 2014 I was already set to leave. I had the money (savings untouched), the plan and the team: from trepidation, I was brought to excitement, that is how the Lord works. He took all of my worries and replaced it with hope, so everything was just easy after that. By April 30th, we were completely moved out and we said goodbye to the old place.
Well, it’s been 8 months since we moved. I heard the bad news around February last year and almost a year after we’re completely settled in. Despite the relocation we didn’t lose our patients because we retained our PLDT line and we basically just moved a few buildings away so everyone just had to walk a few blocks from the old location. As a matter of fact we still get patients calling us and asking “Where are you now, we’re here in the old clinic” and that definitely brings a smile to our faces. Also, the move was a personal fulfillment on my part because I’ve always wanted to remodel the clinic but I just never got to it. Suddenly, the unplanned move made remodeling inevitable so I got to tweak every aspect of the clinic from the color, location and sizes of cabinets and drawers, position of the chairs and so forth. I took into consideration everything that I used to rant about with the old one and made sure 2.0 will be flawless–and it sure is.
rebuilding the clinic 2.jpg

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11-
Always trust in the Lord. In my life, especially in the state where I am in now, I have learned to entrust everything to the Lord because my plans are nothing compared to HIS. I remember during the building stages I met a single roadblock that had the potential to put everything off course. I was almost hopeless and I remember crying to the Lord and asking Him: “Should I just sell the clinic? Is this what you want me to do?” And, believe it or not, within minutes I got the call that finally made everything possible.
Isn’t our God amazing?
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