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Boy Hunting In Bali

Wait up! We did not really go to BALI to look for boys okay? But during our first dinner together, we walked to a market place near our hotel and after enjoying a plateful of Mie Goreng–the boy hunting idea was born.
boy hunting in bali.jpg
Me we my plate of mie goreng, enjoying a bottle of ice cold Bintang beer

So anyway, it was a very tiring day for us. I was already in Bali on my own the previous day, but my other two cousins just arrived that morning and we immediately hopped on to our van and started touring. We went temple hopping, shopping and food tripping. We even decided to walk 500 meters (for kicks) and our van overheated, right before we got back to the hotel, so we all wanted to EAT–and I just needed a cold beer.
Anyway, as Filipinos it is quite easy to blend in with the locals. Actually, we get Indonesians talking to us in Balinese or Bahasa because we look exactly like them. So during our lovely mie goreng dinner, everyone thought we were locals and they were quite fascinated to find out we weren’t–especially this very good looking foreigner. (especially, ha!) After our dinner, we stood up and thanked the cook, then asked to take a picture with him. We exchanged goodbyes and he asked us to come back, and just as we were heading out the foreigner dude decided he couldn’t let this pass (he had to talk to us).
Note: I do not recall who said what, anymore, so I will name all three girls BG for Blanco Girls. Also, this conversation may be longer, like I’m sure we asked where he’s from, but I do not remember much anymore–I just know he spoke to us!
Guy: Where are you guys from?
BG: We’re from the Philippines
Guy: So you’re just visiting, how long have you been here for?
BG: We just got here
Guy: Oh cool. How long do you plan to stay?
BG: Oh, we’re here til Saturday
Guy: Just this Saturday, you should stay longer
BG: Oh yeah? How long have you been here?
Guy: 6 months
BG: Wow, you’ve been here a long time
Guy: Yeah, you should stay longer
BG: Yeah maybe next time. Anyway, it was nice meeting you
Guy: Yes, have a good vacation
And then we all walked out with huge smiles on our faces because the guy was hot and he actually talked to us. We were all so elated (and speechless), then we continued walking back to the hotel until we realized we made a major boo-boo. I can’t remember who spoke first, but we all suddenly realized that we shouldn’t have left. We had a guy there talking to us, and we could’ve ordered another round of beers and talked to him some more. Ha! We even wanted to go back inside, but we figured that’ll be so obvious so we had no choice but to charge it to experience and right there decided that if and when it happens again–we signal each other to stay and mingle. “What happens in Bali, stays in Bali”–that was just our first night together so we knew there will be more of that… but we were wrong!
That never happened again! Throughout the trip we we’re on the lookout for our “second chance”, but it just never came. This, of course, made the market scene so much more funny because had we known that we’d be given only one chance to SCORE, we would’ve all gone back inside and ordered a few more rounds of beer–JUST KIDDING! (Seriously, I am just joking! Do not take me seriously).
Promise, it’s a joke!
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