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15 Years Ago, We Left St Paul Pasig

Technically I left St Paul two years earlier than everyone else because I went to London with my family. I never graduated high school in St. Paul and I do not have an alumni card (nor a yearbook), but I have the heart of Paulinian and no one can ever take that away from me. Growing up, we constantly heard the phrase: “A Paulinian is simple, warm and active” and although we used to chant it like robots, copying exactly how Sister Teresita Agana says it, the brainwashing seeped in. I am a Paulinian through and through and it is truly evident in me:

  1. I am LOUD, extremely loud and I don’t even need a microphone. Of course there are Paulinians who are soft-spoken and demure, but we’re mostly very loud and we have built-in megaphones with adjustable volumes. I don’t know what’s wrong with us. We all talk loud, laugh loud and when we’re together it’s just a riot.
  2. I am brilliant with reports and presentations. Paulinians are all trained to report well in class and we took that skill with us in college and then to the real world. Back in St Paul, we had teachers who would stop us mid-sentence just to make a comment–it was traumatic, but definitely worth it. As a matter of fact, in Dentistry school, I may have forced a certain level of reporting in my classes just because I couldn’t bear with with the manila paper/acetate trend everyone was going for.
  3. I am boyish and a sit everywhere. I may be presented in a girly package now, many of us are actually, but you’d sometimes think twice if I am a girl. Actually, many of my CLASH OF CLANS teammates mistake me for a guy because I am bossy like a man and I speak like one too. This boyishness also includes being able to sit everywhere (even on the pavement) because that was how we were growing up in campus. We sat on the pavement and we ate lunch on the floor.
  4. I am competitive. Take into consideration the fact that I am a Camp Aguinaldo Brat and a true-blue Paulinian, you get an overly competitive female. In St Paul we had year-round competitions and contests. We competed individually, by groups, by classrooms and by batches. The worst kind were the batch competitions because we were always so hardcore about it. Good and bad–the competitiveness broke a lot of people during our time, but we eventually came out as fighters in the end and we brought this with us to the real world.
  5. I get along with all kinds of people. I can make instant friends because I am “warm and active” like that. Haha! Take me to a party and I will come home with a new friend. Paulinians are naturally friendly (probably a doze of bitchy) but friendly nonetheless. We are used to being in a batch consist of 300+ people and we did not have BLOCK SECTIONS so every year we meet new people, make new friends and so forth.

15 years ago.jpg

Anyway, last December we celebrated our 15th year. It wasn’t as well attended as our 10-year reunion, but I’m certain we’ll do much better next time. It was the holiday season so a lot of people were busy but we had so much fun still. It’s just nice to see old schoolmates and laugh about old times, you know? It’s funny too because back in school we all existed in groups and we still do, but now we can hangout as a batch–as SENIORS 99.

Happy St Paul Day fellow Paulinians…
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