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Am I Really A Bully

Am I really a bully? I just checked the dictionary and the definition of a bully is “a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”. I don’t think that’s me. First of all, I don’t bring harm on people. I mean, I do get my way sometimes and I am able to convince people to do what I ask them to, but I’d like to think it has to do with how effectively persuasive and charming I am. Charm. Well, someone did tell me I have powers to “charm”, but if I will accept this theory I’d like to think that I am able to charm people with proper reasoning and presentation–not just with a smile.
After all, I don’t think I’ve ever smiled my way out of number-coding and I assure you I am in no capacity to flash pathetic puppy dog eyes on people. I do not pout and make twinkly eyes–that is not my style. Actually, I don’t think I know how to do puppy dog eyes and I think I’d burst into laughter if I even try.
I cannot do puppy dog eyes, but “makuha-ka-sa-tingin-look” I can do so well.

So, a bully, I don’t think that’s me but there are a few things that I can do:
I cry when I get caught by the MMDA
Now that’s not being a bully–that’s acting.You see, I employ various strategies to get out of a ticket when I’m behind the wheel. Just remember that these are men in power and although they like to intimidate, this is usually limited to men and I am GIRL and men in power want to show compassion to women. Therefore, you do not really have to raise your voice (but I do sometimes, if I know I am right) to get out of a ticket. I’ve learned that you can pretend to feel harassed and distraught about the situation. You can add tears for the extra mileage, but bowing your head and covering your face is often enough. See, that is not bullying. You cannot bully the police.
I’ve always found it challenging to try to persuade people
Back in St. Paul for our Speech Class, we were asked to write a speech either in an instructional, persuasive or narrative form. Most people wrote instructional speeches because you can teach someone to bake brownies and all you needed to do is to memorize a recipe–it’s easy. I, however, wrote a speech to convince my teacher that it is a brilliant idea to make ST PAUL PASIG CO-ED. I remember doing well with that. Of course my school is still exclusive for girls, but that may have changed if they made me do the speech to the school directress (just kidding).
I do win favors from people from time to time
Like I have this guy friend who I am able to to convince to give me all kinds of things and he’s often left scratching his head in disbelief because in a matter of minutes I’ve already gotten him to say yes to giving me pastries, pizzas, hangers and whatnot. I’ve even forced him to become my best friend and it was like he had no say on it. And back in Dentistry school, when I was the school council president, I was able to make people host, sing or dance at the events I was organizing (even when they would normally not give a damn). You see, I can make people do things as if I’ve trapped them in a dare and they know there’s no escaping the contract. I think that’s a great talent–entrapment–and it isn’t bullying at all.
I am a natural leader
I’ve always been a leader in school and mostly any group I am in. Not always because people vote me to be the leader, but sometimes I just step into role because no one else wants it.
Well, when made a leader like for instance in my old Clash of Clans team where I am one of the leader/pioneers, I boss people around and tell them what to do during clan wars. Believe me, I do not delight in this, but no one wants the responsibility so I have to take charge. So in such cases, I just automatically assume responsibility and hope that my leadership does everyone good. Actually in that COC team, people actually thought I was a guy because I was much too bossy. I guess they thought  most girls aren’t usually like me, so imagine their surprise when we created a Facebook page and they all got confirmation of my true gender and identity–shock fest!
Now, here’s the truth as I see it…
A lot of people say I am bully and maybe I am, dunno. I am the eldest of four girls and I was born to basically be the boss of my sisters, so maybe all this is just natural to me. I’ve been a big sister for twenty-eight years and I have three little sisters that look up to me and when I am not being the protective sister or the one that guides them, I am the big sister that bosses them around and tells them to do stuff. Perks of being the eldest, you get to bully everyone to follow you–but that is heavily compensated by a lot of older sister responsibilities, so it may just cancel each other out.
I say I’m just bossy–bullies are a different thing altogether. I’m a born leader and I have the tendency to take charge because I am quick and I have mechanisms in my head running on overtime (all the time). Moreover, note that I’ve had years of training at home so I have mastered how to boss people around.  But I don’t think I am the type to really “bully” people (although I may have done that in the past, but let’s save that for another story). Haha!

Am I Really A Bully?

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