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Life Begins at Thirty

They say life begins at THIRTY,  it sure is true… but just so you know, I have stopped bothering about ages for quite some time now.
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13 Going On Thirty
Have you ever seen that movie? That one’s really funny. It is about a girl named Jenna (played by Jennifer Garner) who at thirteen wished to be “thirty, flirty and thriving”. She was desperate and then she woke up one day as a thirty year old woman–and she was ecstatic!
I guess we  really know nothing in our youth and Jenna realized in the end that her wish—it wasn’t a good wish at all. Anyway, I remember being that young. I wasn’t even in high school yet and my concerns revolved around school, friends and crushes. At thirteen, your concerns and issues are shallow and very much negligible so it really is a mystery to me why Jenna was hurrying to be “thirty, flirty and thriving”.
Well, In case you didn’t know, I am thirty-something and today I turn a year older. When I was seventeen and anticipating the day I turned eighteen, I remember being so excited, just like Jenna. I couldn’t wait to be eighteen because I regarded it as a very significant age and I counted the days until I got there. I wanted to be an “adult”. I wanted to be taken seriously. But on my nineteenth birthday, I suddenly lost interest in aging, counting and birthdays altogether. Actually, most of the time I am confused with my age. When someone asks and I’m not paying much attention, I would struggle and lag on my answer and say something like this: “I can’t remember… twenty-four, twenty-five. Yeah twenty-five. Oh I’m not sure.”
Anyway, it may seem as though I am in denial of my age, but the truth is that I love being in my thirties. No longer an awkward teen with trivial concerns and issues; and more credible than a twenties individual in my profession, so patients are more willing to trust me. As a thirty year old I am more independent, more decisive, more confident and more mature–or maybe I am just kidding myself. Hahaha!
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At my last high school reunion, a batchmate said, “At this age, we gotta be working one becoming future cougars”. Haha! So here I am, trying to bring “sexy back” at thirty.
Soon enough I will no longer be in my thirties and I realized I should delight in the fact I am still in this bracket, before it’s too late, so “Hooray I am so happy to be thirty-four today!” Anyway, age is just a number, right? So let’s delight in numbers that relatively mean nothing in this life.
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