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I Don’t Have A Lot of Friends

My Facebook and other social networking accounts may show that I have numerous connections, but those are professional and personal contacts (mixed with countless acquaintances). In my life, I have met and connected with lots of people but only a few people have made a true impact in me. My close friends are consist of camp neighbors (who are my childhood friends), high school friends (my soul mates), my dentist friends (college and workmates) and some loose friends not belonging to a specific category. These people hold a special place in my heart and I love them. Most of them I grew up with, but some I met later on in life–which shows that friendship is not determined by numbers and not even by proximity.
When I was living in London, I left my friends for two years. I was so far but I became very close to a lot of them while I was away through letters. My friends and I sent letters, back and forth, and soon enough my two years was up and I was coming back home. When I did, when I was finally back, it was as if I hadn’t left.

Speaking of friendships that defy distance, a good friend of mine left for the US years ago and we have remained close as ever despite the fact. She is also a dentist, we were classmates in CEU, and she used to copy from me (haha). She left around 2009-2010 and although I’ve been promising to visit her, I never got to it, so I was very happy when she announced that she will be coming for a visit.
You see, I wasn’t very fond of CEU. When I first got in (during enrollment) I wanted to turn back immediately but my dream of becoming a dentist is real and that was a perfect fuel. For years I merely came into school to learn then rode the car back home as soon as my classes were done—but it all changed when I met my friends. All NERDS and sporting big backpacks as I was, I felt at home and truly one with them. It was hard for me to find a comfort place in CEU but I did in the company of my friends and Quin was one of them.
When she left, it was a very sad thing, especially when I needed a hug and all that we could manage was a virtual one via Skype. It is not easy to make dramatic crying in Skype but we managed. But after years of a virtual friendship, she is finally home.
Quin arrived in Manila last week. She is here for only two weeks and since she got here, we have been going out. We aren’t as wild and carefree as we were in College though, but I guess things really change when people age. At Reserve, we feasted on a lot of food, drank a few beers and wine, then complained about the loud music. Haha! Ever since she arrived, I have been her on and off driver/dentist/tour guide. It does not help that I am not familiar with most of the streets in the metro, but Googlemaps is proving to very helpful with this.
Tonight I am meeting her again with our Dentistry friends. We are taking her to Locavore for amazing Filipino food and then Tipsy Pig for drinks. Good luck to all of us because we all have work the next day, but on Wednesday I am taking a leave as her driver because we are heading for the BEACH!
Last hurrah for summer!!!



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