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Seafood Can Kill Me

Part of my friend’s vacay itinerary is to visit DAMPA. It is a shop and cook kind of restaurant and it serves mainly seafood. You go to the wet market to buy the food and then you choose a restaurant and tell them how you want the food cooked. It’s a bit pricey, but the food is fresh and is cooked amazingly so it’s really worth the money you pay.
So anyway, when my family goes to DAMPA they know to order for me fish and chicken/pork. I am allergic to seafood so places like DAMPA is not really for me, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Anyway, on our drive to Macapagal, I only then thought to remind my friend about my allergy. “Oh shoot!” She forgot but I told her not to worry about it because I can just order something for myself–and I got steamed fish with tausi (very yummy by the way!)
On Instagram, I said: “Literally… to DIE for”

My seafood allergy has evolved since it was first discovered. Before, it would only manifest as hives all over my body. As time passed I no longer had to worry about the hives, instead I had to deal with swollen lips and an itchy throat. Fast forward to today… I don’t even get the hives and the swollen lips anymore. During an allergic attack, my respiratory system is suddenly impaired so my chest hardens, I begin to wheeze and my breathing becomes labored.

So basically, I can really DIE if I eat seafood. At dinners with friends they try to convince me to fight the allergy. They tell me stories about how they used to get an allergic reactions too and they just pop a pill. I tell them, “You want to experiment and see what happens?” And they’d ask me: “What will happen to you?” and I answer: “I will DIE” and they immediately say, “Oh yeah, don’t try it anymore.” Well of course I do not know that, but better safe than sorry, I think.
My Seafood Experiences
People always have fantastic things to say about seafood. At home when there’s seafood on the table everyone is happy except for me. My experiences with seafood are sad…
  • At first everyone thought my allergy was just with shrimps. My mom served squid one lunch time and I kept on telling her I’m allergic to squid too but she wouldn’t believe me. She left me in the dining room: “I want your food eaten by the time I get back from taking a shower, okay?” I painfully ate the squid on my plate and finished it. After a while, my chest stiffened and I couldn’t breathe. I went to my mom’s room, she was still in the shower and I started knocking. It took her awhile and when she opened, she didn’t know what to do. I remember saying: “I told you I was allergic!”
  • One time in the US we were having dinner with relatives. They had shrimps and crabs (really large ones) and they had steak and potatoes for me too, so I was really excited to eat. Everyone was busy cooking and when they started boiling the crab, my chest stiffened, my airways locked and I couldn’t breathe. I was just watching television with the other kids and I suddenly couldn’t breathe—I scared the hell out of everybody. They made me take some medicine and I was taken outside of the house, so now I am never allowed in the kitchen when seafood is being cooked there.
I’ have seafood horror stories but these two top the list. People always feel sorry for me when I tell them about my allergy but I tell them it’s okay, because I really don’t know what I’m missing. All my experiences with seafood are bad—so I know I am better off without it.

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P.S. You know how to kill me if you want to. It’s really very easy.


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