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Time Machine

The most overused fictional plot is time travelling. From books to movies, several stories about travelling to the past and to the future dominate because the truth is that everyone wishes for a do over or to enjoy an opportunity to make timeline alterations that will improve their current situations. Like a magic slate, everyone wishes that mistakes made could be erased with one swift movement. Similarly, time travelling to the future will offer advantages that will enable a person to take a glimpse at “what might happen” so that he can make decisions that will help change outcomes.

Throughout my existence, I can pinpoint several dates that are worth altering. Extreme turning points that truly made a difference in my life. I think if I’m given a chance to make specific changes, my life as it is now, will be better. Better how, though? The truth is that we wont know if making changes will mean a better ending or outcome. Maybe the alteration will only postpone things, but the outcome will be the same. Maybe there is no escaping your reality… that the blueprint of your life is set on stone and is unchangeable.

Do you want a Marty McFly time machine?

Building a Time Machine

Someone once told me that if he could, he would build me a time machine. He would build it and go to a specific date on my timeline so that he could make specific alterations. I remember that today and realize that it sounds nice to be able to do that, right? Like in “Back to the Future”, when Marty McFly was able to better his family’s life by going back to the past and making significant changes to specific circumstances. He comes home at the end of the movie and they were richer and his parents were much happier. But then I also remember my answer to another friend, when the subject of past events was being discussed, “I may not be who I am today if not for my past”. And I strongly believe that. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they were right about that.

You can liken it to learning to ride a bicycle. I remember spending an entire afternoon with my Papa, struggling at first, and then finally doing it with ease. He took the trainer wheels out and when I finally got the rhythm it was amazing, but during one victorious lap my hands trembled and I crashed. I fell, grazed my knee, and nursed battle scars for a long time. I never fell on my bike after that. I eventually learned how to ride standing up, ride with no hands and even ride while tying my shoelaces (I became some stunt woman with tricks). Anyway, the moral of my story is that when you hurt yourself and you get scarred, you learn from your mistakes.

I have made multiple errors in my life. I’ve made a series of wrongs that it is quite tempting to get on a time machine so I could make things right, but I would not do it. I say this because the Crickette of 5-10 years ago is of no comparison to the 2016 version of myself and that is all because of my past. I do not want a do over because it means skipping all the learning experience (and I’m talking about a lot). The pain is hard when you’re living the consequence of your wrong decisions, and that often causes people to long for an escape. At some point I felt that urge too, but like all wounds, they heal and you forget about the pain. After a while you realize that it’s gone… and then you appreciate your past as a spectator.

Time travelling sounds amazing. Many of the films I truly enjoyed involved travelling to the past and the future. Films make it really fascinating, but do you remember  the TV series, HEROES? Minus the writer’s strike, the whole story was ruined when the whole plot was lost with all the time lapses. I think it will be the same when you try to tamper with your timeline.

I found that on Facebook while I was taking a break from writing this. We all have to learn to let go. We all have to make peace with our past so we can move on and live our lives… without regret.

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