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On Receiving Flowers

So how was your Valentine’s Day? I spent mine with my friends, in a lovely wedding at Blue Leaf. It was a perfect celebration of love, I think it’s the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had in years. Haha!


When we speak of Valentine’s Day we think of flowers and flowers are lovely, but in the few occasions that I had been a recipient of one, I’ve always not known how to deal with it. I mean what do you do with flowers except to look at it? I understand that some girls love to prance around with a bouquet in their arms, but that is not my thing at all.

In College I got a bouquet of roses from someone and after I thanked him, I gave it back. I said, “I’ll get it from you after the end of the day because I can’t go around campus with it”. It seems quite rude, huh? But it’s the whole drama of holding a bouquet, it is just not in my personality and you have to understand that (men have to understand that some women can’t handle it). As part of a wedding accessory, it is absolutely perfect, but to walk around with it in a mall or all over the school, I think it is mortifying. The last time I received flowers I couldn’t get out of the car with it. Do not mistake me, I loved the flowers and it sure was a lovely arrangement, but it was so embarrassing to parade it around for all to see. It screams, “Look at me! Look at me!” And I cannot deal with it at all, so I took a long time in the car before I finally got out to face the music and the bunch of people who will see me as I walk with it.

Perfect as a wedding accessory, right?

Again, do not misinterpret all the drama I’m making here. I love flowers especially if the arrangement is amazing. One time I got a bouquet of tulips delivered to the house and it was probably the most beautiful bunch I’ve ever received in my life. That was an absolutely brilliant idea too… sending it to my house, because it doesn’t involve any embarrassing march or a beauty pageant walk. You come home and you find an impressive arrangement addressed to you and it is a marvelous sight. When you get flowers delivered to you, you get to enjoy it in privacy and feel all excited about it without an audience.

Flowers are complicated. Most of the time when I get one, I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with it, but wait for it to wilt. Food is something else. Give me chocolates or cake, and I’ll definitely have a place for that. Haha! Oh and since we’re in the subject of ridiculous Valentine’s gifts… let’s talk about stuffed toys. Some women adore stuffed toys but not all—and not ME. Well, good thing I haven’t really gotten a boring stuffed toy in my life. Once I got a TROLL and that’s just cute. I can tolerate cute. Once, also, I got a Goku statue and that’s not even soft, so it doesn’t count.

Bottom line, I think gifts have to have meaning. Generic gifts such as flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys (let’s also include mugs, tumblers and so forth) are sometimes confusing. I mean, some people know what to do with them, but some don’t. I clearly do not… but it doesn’t exactly mean that I don’t appreciate the gesture because I do.


Some flower arrangements are just perfect. And it may be awhile since I got one, but however nervous they made me feel, before that–before reality sinks in, I still say,  “Oh look at that? Isn’t that lovely?”

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