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The Good Wife and My Dream of Becoming A Lawyer

A few years ago I began watching The Good Wife. I cannot remember why I started. but back then I thought it was a family drama–the story of a bad husband, a good wife and a string of women (on the side), but it was more than that. If you journeyed with Alicia Florrick through 7 seasons, you are familiar with her personal liberation. A lowly housewife, pushed into the limelight because of a scandal, she fought through the treacherous road, picked herself up and rode the waves.

My Dream of Taking Up Law

the good wife1.jpg
Me the dentist. Definitely not a lawyer. 

I am a dentist, but do you know that once upon a time I dreamt of becoming a lawyer? Yes, I have proof in my yearbook. And I will rummage through my treasure chests to look for my grade school yearbook, but I am not completely motivated for a number of reasons: 1) I look absolutely gross in my grade school graduation picture; 2) I do not know which box it went to the last time I packed it; 3) I do not want to inhale dust and get asthma just so I could show you my yearbook write-up. So basically, I am asking you to trust me.
In grade school, I wasn’t exactly decided yet, but I hoped to either be a dentist, a lawyer or a writer. I, obviously, ended up taking up Dentistry because I felt it would bring more stability, and somewhere along the way I imagined I would be a bad lawyer because I would just cry in court: “No your honor, that’s just unfair! You cannot do this to my client! You cannot do this to meeeeeee…” Nope, I’m too dramatic for court… but I would surely deliver an amazing opening and closing statement–no doubt about that.
A funny lawyer story… I cannot remember how old I was then, but I was getting ready for school and my dad was getting ready to leave for golf, and we were having breakfast together.
Papa: Do you know what you want to take up in College?
Crix: I’m not really sure yet. Maybe Dentistry, or Journalism, or Law. Maybe Law.
Papa: Law? Really? That’s a good choice. 
And then he reaches for his wallet, takes out some money and gives it to me. I smiled. In my mind I thought I could keep this up and he would keep giving me money, right? Hahaha. Anyway, I shared this story to my sister and she did it too when her time came. She did get money from my Papa, too. I don’t know what it means, though. What do you think?
The Good Wife Final Season
Anyway, when I realized that Game of Thrones was about to close for the year, I panicked. I needed to ease moving on from episode 10 and I decided to marathon the final two seasons of The Good Wife. I successfully did it in just a few days, but I am so disappointed with the ending. I feel absolutely robbed. It’s like this: I’ve invested so much emotion on the show and then you end it that way? That is just an insult.
I need a lawyer! I want to sue for damages! I need a proper ending for The Good Wife! If I took up Law, I’d sue them myself… just kidding. Anyway, if you can just stay away from Season 7 of The Good Wife, do. It’s going to be a waste of your time. Bye!
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