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New Year, New Blog

Goodbye old blog

It has nothing to do with turning a new leaf, really, but maybe so. The truth is that for a while now I’ve been going through my blog and I realized that I’ve outgrown it in so many ways. But since I’ve given it so much (since 2008) it really isn’t easy to move on. As a matter of fact, when I took a small hiatus from blogging between 2013-2015, I was in so much pain the whole time, so I went back. Writing is my only vice. I do not smoke. I only drink socially. I don’t pull tantrums. I don’t rant on social media. I don’t go on depressive, catatonic states to escape. I don’t indulge in retail therapy. I don’t binge eat. I don’t go adventure-tripping. People deal with life in their own way–and WRITING is what I do. I read somewhere once, “Writers can treat their mental illnesses everyday”, and I agree with that. I have gone through many potentially damaging chapters in my life that hardly moved me because of my capacity to release emotions through a collection of words. Well, it’s writing and the Lord, of course… I want to make that clear.

From Poetry to Blogs

I realized I could write when I was in 7th Grade. We were tasked to write a poem and being that it was my first time, I was frightened to even try, but I worked on it just the same–it was schoolwork after all. When my teacher gave back our work, she pulled me aside and said to me, “You did a good job here. You should write more”. And so I did.

So my first attempt at manipulating words was through poetry. I authored hundreds of poems, mostly about love, and back then I walked around with pen and paper because I was thoroughly convinced I was some kind of modern Shakespeare (oh my gosh, what was I thinking, right?) And then my writing eventually evolved because I guess the deluge of words became too much for poetry. Essay is more free from so I enjoyed writing in my private journals, and in 2004, I was introduced to blogging. This is mostly how I write now. Sometimes I get paid to write for other people (those who have lots of money but no time, or no patience to do it on their own). But most of the time, I write for myself (and I pretend to have readers). The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories may not be the exact picture of my life, it is a good glimpse of who I am and where I’ve come from. I am the sum-total of my life experiences, so pardon me if I’m not refined for your taste, I wasn’t born into a perfect life.

The New Drama Queen

What can you expect from the new drama queen? Well, I will be the same rambling queen with words that I shall happily watch spill out into this portion World Wide Web. Apart from the new domain, new layout and new home–nothing will change. The truth is that I just have too much clutter on the old blog and I’ve messed up with the template and URL with all the novice techie tinkering I’ve done, so it’s complete chaos.

This is a fresh start in the “tech” side of the my blogging existence. Note that I have decided to import some of my favorite posts from the old blog, but I will be leaving most of them behind. That’s the deal with moving on, you know? Anyway, let me welcome you to the new The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories blog. How do you like my new home?

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog”

  1. Dito ka pala nagtatago since January 2015 hahahaha joke lang Love the new lay out and the envelope design ng comment section 🙂 Once in a while, I check our old blog and found only a few updates. 😦

    The rare times I pass by the QC area, lagi ko nakikita clinic mo sa Sir Williams Hotel. Ang awkward lang kung bigla ako mag wa-walk in hahaha

    Happy 2017! To a better and happier year!!!


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