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Escalator Etiquette and Other Things

So you may or may not have heard of it yet, but certain establishments  are already implementing the escalator rule that requires people to stand on the right, so that “overtakers” or people rushing to go up or down, may take the left. Now, I am in the mall twice a week and I’d like to report that, NO IT’S NOT HAPPENING. Sometimes there’s even a woman standing at the foot of the escalator, to remind people to keep right and they do so, until they transfer to another flight and all is forgotten.

This is at SM. See? No one is following the rule here.

Anyway, when I’m bored and want to amuse myself, I pretend to rush five flights up or down during my lunch hour, just so I can almost run on the left side and politely say, “Excuse me”. In an effort to educate and remind the people of the new rule, I run up and down the ecalators, but I often get stuck because people refuse to move.

Filipinos are so funny. We’re always in a Luneta kind of leisurely stroll even in busy streets. In London, if you take the tube and block the walking side of the escalator, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just deliberately pushes you out of the way. People will literally zoom past you when they sprint up and down. Of course you’ll say, “Well that’s London, you live in the Philippines, Crix”, but you see, the country has already implemented the escalator etiquette–will we just stubbornly ignore it like we do most things?

Of Things Beyond Escalators

That’s me. Standing on the right. Lady beside me is standing on the left.

Then of course apart from escalators, there are other things I wish Filipinos were mindful of:

  • Clearing the table. This is especially true in fast food restaurants and food courts. It’s not being OC (obsessive compulsive). I am not really OC about these things, but I think it’s just common courtesy. Some people say, “It’s someone’s job to do that, not mine!” And that’s true, I suppose, but you don’t really have to tidy it up. There’s a tray, you can gather all the disposables together, then group the plates and glasses. In fast food places if it’s not much trouble, you can gather all the trash and simply dump everything into the bin. The worst for me is when I see a table, so messy, it looks like animals ate there. At the very least, all you have to do is to gather everything. I think that just shows you’re civilized.
  • Clearing the road for ambulances. This is another pet peeve of mine, when I see cars pretending they did not hear the blaring siren of the oncoming ambulance. Sometimes the ambulance does not know what to do, so it is trying its best to find a slot to fit into, and I think that’s just pathetic. Some people say, “I’m sure there’s no patient inside, anyway”. And maybe there isn’t, there’s a big chance there isn’t, but you don’t know that for sure. It should not matter anymore if a patient is in danger inside or not, you clear the road because it’s the right thing to do.
  • Waiting to get on the elevators. You know when you’re about to get out of the elevator, but you can’t because a horde of people are coming in and blocking the way? That’s so annoying, huh? I know people get worried that they might not get to ride, so they want to secure a spot, but just let the people go out first and then “CLAIM YOUR SPOT” and Amazing Race that -ish!
  • Honking at the car in front of you. I hate drivers who love to blow their car horns. You know when the traffic light just turned GREEN or hasn’t even turned green yet and the car(s) behind you start a honking party? I find that so annoying. I just always think of it that they probably need to go to the washroom, so they’re in a hurry. But isn’t “patience a virtue”, so can’t we wait a little?

Anyway, it’s the new year, and I’m hoping we can make certain life changes that benefit the other people too. Like standing on the right side of the escalator, not honking too much just because you can’t wait or clearing the table after you eat? If not that, how about moving to the side for the ambulance to pass? Simple things… it’s not much really. What do you think?

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