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Growing Up and #Adulting

I realized when you’re #adulting, you spend a lot of time in deep thought…

When did I start growing up? I don’t know. Have I properly grown up? I mean what does it mean to be an adult in the first place? I wonder if I completely qualify–do you think you do? Sometimes I see people who are much younger, acting more adult than I–but at the same time I see people who are older than I, acting quite childish. Anyway, the first time I encountered the word #adulting was on a friend’s post. She was preparing to move out of her parents’ house and was shopping for her new place. I realized, just then, that people around me (or people my age) are entering a phase in their lives that demand sensibility–hence, I see a lot of #adulting posts, represented in various aspects of their lives.

At 24 years old when I left Dentistry school, I was barely adult. The most significant thing I felt that was representative of my AGE was getting out of my parents’ crazy curfew. I felt truly adult when I was out and about, and had the freedom to do so without them putting a time limit–a ticking time bomb, so to speak. Of course I still got calls and texts, but it was different from when I was in College when they were threats like, “Wag ka na umuwi! Jan ka na tumira!” (Don’t even bother going home anymore. Just live there, wherever you are!) Haha.

Through the years, however, the true meaning of being an adult, eventually came. Problems became real, issues attacked in piles and consequences often came with mountains of regret. As adults you gain the power, and as the famous Spider-Man quote said it clearly, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

How Adult Are You

In a certain group of friends that I have, we often talk about #adulting. Well we talk about anything, really. Sometimes we talk about love, lipstick and sex, but more than the hashtag–we pretend we know what it takes to be a sensible adult, so we talk about insurances, stocks, mutual funds, investments and so forth. Being an adult is really scary. As I get older and older, I realize how serious this “LIFE” thing really is and I worry if I’m doing things right. I mean, it’s so much easier not to care, but it also feels good to know that you did something good for the future. And have I? Am I?

It never feels good to spend money. I mean shopping is so fun but when you realize how much money you’ve spent, it can be quite painful. As a matter of fact, I remember telling my friends that I hate it when I have to issue PDCs for my rent but I often feel good whenever I’m issuing cheques for things that have future gain–like when I’m paying for my condo, my insurance and so forth… it’s a fulfilling kind of expense. I always feel like giving myself a pat on the back when I’m done writing a set of 12 cheques–because cmon, that’s a lot of writing!!!

Anyway, I’m turning 36 this year (gosh how old). When I turned 25, my sisters were laughing at me for being a quarter of a century old, and it was also around that time when I was formally launching my career as a dentist in private practice. When I turned 30, I got worried about life and panicked about a lot of things that were still quite uncertain. When I turned 35, last year, I felt really scared because it’s only a few breaths away from 40. Now that I’m 36, I just feel quite excited. I don’t know why exactly, but you know when you have this feeling something is going to be good? Well, that’s not what I’m feeling–HAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, hooray for #adulting (and all efforts towards this)…

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