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Oh La La Love

In La La Land, you follow the long and winding story of the characters played by Gosling and Stone, from the moment they meet, until their love story ends. Naturally, we hoped for a happy ending. Not because we think all love stories end with happily ever after (that is impossible) but because they seemed perfect for each other. They understood each other. They complemented each other. A perfect match, right? Unfortunately, their paths had to diverge because their individual journeys took different directions.

And that’s how most great love stories end, I think. Paths diverge. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

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Some people come into our lives and they move our souls to sing and make our spirits dance. They help us to see that everything on earth is part of the incredibility of life… and that it is always there for us to take of its joy. Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same

Flavia Weedn

And I Am Never the Same

Once upon a time I met someone and our paths stayed on the same course, quite briefly. At first glance he seemed perfect–too good to be true, as a matter of fact. He made me laugh and I want to think I made him laugh too, but mostly we connected pretty well. You know when you meet someone that absolutely fits? He was like that, but not quite because eventually, we drifted apart and went on our separate ways.

So you see, these things happen sometimes. And when I look back at our brief time together, I don’t have regrets about it. I should. I think most people would. But he came at a very opportune time. A time when I was vulnerable and needed to be distracted. He was the best form of “distraction” anyone could ask for. And like Mia and Sebastian in “La La Land”, eventually we had to divert from the path we were on because the truth is that, we weren’t headed towards the same destination.

And in the end, you go back on the path and continue your journey

In my life, a few people left footprints on my heart and changed my life forever. He was one of those people. One day he came knocking and although I was reluctant at first, I opened the door. I did so because… well, why shouldn’t I, right?

Some people didn’t like “La La Land” because it didn’t end well. When you invest in something, you do not want it to fail. And the movie forced everyone to invest serious emotions in Sebastian and Mia’s love affair, only to bring them apart, in the  end. Some people do not like that. A love like that, it’s worth seeing it through the end. So you’ll argue, “Is time and effort not worth anything at all?” Sadly, things end when they do, regardless of time or effort.

Do you remember that scene in the movie that came just before Mia left for France? They sat together and shared a final conversation. She asked, “Where are we?” and just before the scene faded, she looked at him and said something like, “I’m always gonna love you”. Five years later when their paths met again, they looked at each other and there were no use for words.

“Some people come into our lives and they move our souls to sing and make our spirits dance.”

When I met him, it felt as though I was on a cloud. But you know clouds evaporate, right?

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2 thoughts on “Oh La La Love”

  1. Hi, Crickette! This is a very thought provoking post. Reminded me of my life with someone for 13 years. Albeit mine was not short it made me remember who I was and how I felt and becoming who I am today.

    Keep on writing insightful posts. Bless your heart!



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