i am a christian, i am a dentist, i am a mission dentist, my country: the philippines

Choose Love Not Hate

Whenever I go on missions in Mindoro, I’m usually very busy inside the Dental Section and miss the rest of the program. I hear the screaming and laughter, and sometimes I want to leave the patients to join in the fun, but when we’re busy, we’re busy. Anyway there are days when the Dental Section does not get too many patients, so we’re done quite early. During those days, I go out and try to have fun with the children.

Such fun huh?

As part of the program, we play games for the children. They love it. We bring toys to give to the children and when we don’t have enough, we play games and give the toys as a prize to the winning team. When we have many, every child comes home with a toy.

But The Children Need More Than Toys


Of course they do. They need so much more. They need proper housing, clothing, food, better education, optimum health, the list goes on–and of course the reality is that we can only give so much. The children need more than toys, really. But when someone grows up with relatively nothing in the form of luxury, a small toy is worth so much. So yes, the children do not really need toys. But you remember being young, right? Wasn’t it an amazing feeling when you’re given a new toy to play with? The look on your face when you open a box and find a toy inside it?


That is why we bring toys to mission trips. Because more than medical and dental healthcare services, these children deserve to be children.

The Bear Hug Project


Next month, the team will be serving Mamburao Occidental Mindoro in a special Valentines program, #ChooseLoveNotHate. Recognizing that hatred is widespread, we are making a stand to choose love above all things, because everyone deserves to be loved. So for the children, we are gathering toys through the toy drive campaign, The Bear Hug Project. Launched in 2015, this campaign urges the people to send their hugs, in the form of toys, for the children that we visit.

Anyway, I have a very nice story about the Bear Hug Project. I reposted the toy drive campaign for this Valentines on my Facebook. When I did so, I had zero expectations. After awhile I got a message from my friend who said she’s going to hook me up with someone who can give me some toys. I immediately announced this to the one in charge of the toy drive and she was delighted, as I was. Our team leader was very happy, too, about the blessing. When I finally spoke with the donor, she announced that she had ONE BALIKBAYAN BOX worth of toys.

One big box of toys for the children–the entire team is in awe. God is truly amazing. And check it out, I got the box the other day.


Just so you know, Team Jesus missions all happen by faith. Every time mission dates are plotted, our leader asks us to pray for provision, and we wait. We wait for donors of medicines, food and supplies. The arrival of the box of toys is an example of how God’s hand works for the success of every mission trip we set out for. So if you have some to share, it would be a true blessing.

We need more than just TOYS:

  • Medicines
  • Medical and Dental Supplies
  • Food packs
  • Underwear
  • Slippers
  • Hygiene supplies (toothbrush, soap, shampoo)

To those who have little, ANYTHING IS EVERYTHING. #ChooseLoveNotHate and help Team Jesus spread hugs, not just this Valentines, but throughout the year. If you wish to donate, you may reach me through this email: poohsteazo@gmail.com. We would be truly grateful!

Whoever is kind to the poor, lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. 

Proverbs 19:17

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