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Staying Fit In Your 30s: The Struggle is Real

Last Sunday I woke up extra early to run–and today I ran again. Or tried to.

Actually spent more time walking than running. LOL.

I cant seem to stick to a workout ever since I left Gold’s Gym. Since December, I haven’t been back to my boxing gym because I am protesting against their price increase. Haha. Maybe I’ll be back, I have gloves and all, but not yet. My pride is getting in the way and I can feel it adding pounds of fat on my body. So the other day (Sunday), instead of sleeping in, I woke up… suited up… and ran.

When I was younger, running was my thing. As Camp Brat, we owned the streets of Aguinaldo and we often raced with each other. I was constantly ranked 3rd. One time my whole “crew” attended a party at another street and there was this arrogant boy who kept challenging us to a race. The guy who ranked 1st in my group, looked at me, and told me to make him eat dust–he did–it was amazing. Don’t forget it was a party… I was in a Sunday dress and shoes. He was in rubbershoes and pants. He still ate my dust. I wonder where this guy is now… I want to remind him of this story.

I joined varsity Track in high school and was part of the Science team in Pre Dentistry. Both stints were short-lived. In high school I got bullied by track “royalties” who thought it laughable that I had to miss practice to try out for cheerleading. One said, “Siguraduhin mo papasa ka ha?” (Just make your you pass the auditions, okay?) By the way I did. Then in College, even though I was one of the fastest on my team, I was hardly a match with the athletes from the other Colleges who ran barefoot on the oval. During one race, I remember placing 2nd on my heat… but my time wasn’t worth anything, in the end. After that race… I packed my gear and ended my running career for good.

But I Used to Love Running

Oh yes. I love speed. I love it when the air rushes on my face and my hair is flying with the wind. I love how my heart pounds to the same beat as my feet lands on the ground. I love the weightlessness I feel when I am running. Endurance isn’t my thing but I could sprint really well. When I used to compete, I loved the sound of “Ready, Get Set… Go”. It’s so exhilarating. The sensation is even more superb when a pistol is used… the sound propels you forward.

Leisurely running is very hard. Running at your own pace is a whole new thing for me. This is not the running I know… but it’s fine. I have to endure this or go back to the gym and end my silent protest.

Staying Fit In Your 30s

Anyway (just so you know) I’ve been struggling with the run, but I just try to maintain a pace I can manage. Maybe I’ll get better in time, we’ll see. I used to hate burpees (and I still hate it now). Haha!

I grew up stick thin. Nowadays it’s so hard to keep eating and not gain weight anymore. Eat a burger and it ends up on your thighs. Enjoy that extra slice of pizza, and you carry it around in your belly for days. It sucks huh? I think when they said that life begins at 30, they meant this. My friend said she was standing naked in front of the mirror, and she saw she was fat, but she was “too fat to care”. Haha. Sometimes I try to be the same way. Like when I was going through an entire bag of chips, I thought to myself, “You’re tired and hungry, you deserve this”. So I kept eating until the bag was empty. And then after, I felt bad about all junk I just put in. Still, I found myself finishing another bag of chips, the next day.

So yeah, the struggle is REAL. And tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and run before I leave for work, again.

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