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In A Moment, The World Froze.

I hate driving back home after a long day at work. The many times I got hailed by the police is because I’m tired, absent-minded, and driving home, from work. Often I forget to turn my headlights on–and when the officer asks for my license, I cry saying, “Pasensya na. Kakatapos ko lang mag-opera. Pagod na pagod na ako. Di ko lang napansin”. (I’m so tired, I just finished a surgery case, and I’m just too exhausted to notice. I’m so sorry). Sometimes I endure hunger behind the wheel, thinking it’s better to wait til I get home than to grab something along the way. And a few months ago, just as I was about to turn for the long stretch before our subdivision, I heard a loud screeching sound from my left, and saw a cement mixer grazing my side, tipping the car a little to the right. If I didn’t honk as crazy as I did, he would’ve crushed me along with the car. Anyway, imagine my frustration. At that time it was 9:30 pm and I had come from a long day in the clinic and was desperate for REST and FOOD, but I had to go to the police station to file a report.

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The other night, I was going home from work, and in front of me, a man flew from his bicycle and dropped in front of me. It was too fast. I saw him, he was on the bike. He hit the tail-end of the car in front of me and he flew. I don’t understand how it happened, but I saw him land on the pavement, and I saw that he wasn’t standing up.

The World Froze

I saw him. He flew. I saw him in mid-air and then he landed on the pavement. I keep trying to remember how he got hit, but I just keep on seeing him fly. I swear the world froze and my sister who was in the car with me, started to panic.

We went out of the car and rushed to man on the floor. At that moment I thought he was moving, but now I realize he was having a seizure. He was having a mild seizure and his body was twitching,  but I didn’t know what to do. I’ve seen a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. I saw him land on his back, I didn’t want to make a mistake. His bike was on top of him, but I didn’t know how to pull the bicycle away from him, without hurting him further. By this time, the driver of the car he collided with has realized what happened, so he came out, “Anong nangyari?” (What happened?) he asked. “Natamaan mo siya,” (You hit him), I said. He was calm, but I could tell that like myself, he didn’t know what to do. But we came nearer and saw the pool of  blood on the floor. “May dugo, jusko po” (My gosh, there’s blood). Suddenly more people came. My sister kept saying “Let’s call. Who do I call?” I couldn’t answer her. I wasn’t thinking straight.

Finally a man took charge and about five men carried him to the other car. That’s when I saw his face for the first time, he was unconscious. And we waited for him to be taken in. I came to my senses and rushed to my car, to move it to the side, so that they could pass. The car sped off and on the sidewalk I saw, they left his bike. It seemed fine. It wasn’t even bent. He was in a worse state than the bike. There was blood on the floor.

The Man Behind the Wheel

Years ago, we were coming home from Sunday service and as we were entering the subdivision, we heard a loud thud followed by a scream. Before it happened, I remember seeing a lady on her bicycle and and dog beside her, unleashed (following). When my dad ran over the dog, he didn’t notice what had happened at all. From the sidewalk, the dog ran towards the car and it got caught under the wheel. I felt the car jump twice–that’s the front and the rear wheels. The lady was crying hysterically. He was her baby. I understand that. He was unleashed but he was hurt… so we understood that. We rushed the dog to the Animal Hospital.

When I saw the other driver who hit the man on the bicycle, first I was grateful that I wasn’t in his place, and then I felt so bad for him. Wrong place at the wrong time. I’m telling you this, it wasn’t his fault. At least from my view of the whole incident, it wasn’t his fault. There was a queue of cars running along the street, at constant speed, and the bike was running beside him. He wiggled to to the left and then he FLEW. I thank God I wasn’t speeding and didn’t add cause to injury. But I’ll tell you… he was just in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It could’ve been me. I am grateful that it wasn’t because I wouldn’t have known what to do.

I wonder how he is now. He was unconscious when he was being lifted up, so I don’t know. He seemed like in his late 40s. Probably someone’s father or husband. Definitely a son. Maybe a brother or a friend. I wish he had a helmet on or that he didn’t wiggle the way he did before he collided with the car.

But things like this happen all the time while you’re behind the wheel. A motorcycle cuts you or all little boy suddenly comes running from the side. And when you’re the car that hits them… they’re defenseless.

Drive safely everyone,

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