Of RomComs and Koreanovelas

When I started going on medical missions in the mountains with the Army, my sisters said I was like Dr Kang. They joked that one day I would meet a soldier and he will be like Captain Yoo Shi-jin. I just laughed.


I started watching Descendants of the Sun a year ago but never got to finish it… so I tried to start with it again. I like this Koreanovela. I am not the Koreanovela type but I’ve seen a few. I’d probably watch more if not for the subtitles, because the “reading” is just too time consuming. You should know, the reading gets in the way of my multitasking habits.

Anyway, the first ever Koreanovala I saw was Full House and that’s when I realized that Koreans knew how to do romcoms very well. In Full House, Rain played, Lee Young-jae, a stubborn and ill-bred movie star who found himself co-owning a house with clueless, Han Ji-eun. It was as most romcoms are, childish and entertaining. It’s easy-to-watch, often romantic, and pulling just the right love strings that will give you butterflies in your stomach.

The action love story, Iris, was a little different, but just as well-made, so I knew that Descendants of the Sun will deliver as expected. I watched it upon recommendation by the doctors from the MIMs community–who said it was fairly accurate. I was curious. I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan and medical dramas are my thing. Also, everyone said it is perfectly “kilig”.

RomComs vs. Telenovelas

The fullfilment of the doctor and the soldier’s love story did not come right away, but their story began as soon as they met. I think many love stories happen like that… if you’re meant to fall in love, it will happen in any circumstance. And always, when you least expect it.


Regardless of the circumstance, they were just perfect for each other. She needed him because despite her strength, she was vulnerable and needed a hero. He needed her because, for once in his life, he needed a reason to live.

One time I was talking to my friends about RomComs and Telenovelas. If you know me well and know of my life, then you know that for a time I lived in a telenovela. People always joked, “Crix pwede na pang Maala Ala Mo Kaya ang buhay mo” (Crix your life story is perfect for Maala Ala Mo Kaya). And although the truth hurt, I couldn’t deny it… my life would make a good MMK episode and I would give it the title, “Taon” (Years), to symbolize the many that I’ve wasted.

I wasted so many years living my telenovela life that for awhile I knew no other life. During those years, I’d look at the lives of other people and wished even a semblance of what they had. But anyway, I never really found the heart to complain because I knew I brought it onto myself and what’s true is that, my brand of telenovela is nothing compared to what other people are going through. Needless to say, I inhabited my telenovela life because I had no other choice. And sometimes I’d say, “I’m sure it would be nice to live in a RomCom”. Oh Im sure it is.

Anyway, recently I’ve adopted a habit of watching “A Love to Last” because of Ian Veneracion. I’m not really a fan of Ian, okay his smile is undeniably addictive, but that’s not exactly the reason why I wait up for the show to come on television, every night. I guess the weariness I feel for my own story finds some comfort in fictional tales. In fiction, you can be someone else. You can be a Nanny who will fall in love with her boss. You can be the doctor that travels a total of 21 hrs to meet a soldier in the mountains.

In fiction you are always unexpecting. But sometimes fictional plots find its way to our realities. I remember a few years ago, my best friend met her (now) husband at Starbucks during her routine cafe study sessions. He recognized her from school, she couldn’t remember who he was, but since that day he never left her side. I’ve never told them this, but I’ve always been a fan of their love story. It’s simple. It’s real. It’s everlasting.


A month ago, I called my sister and said… “You remember when you said I was Dr Kang?” She laughed and asked, “Why??? Have you met Captain Yoo Shi-jin?”

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