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Just So You Know…

I can do this.

Yes, apparently.

My dad was in the Military. Apart from that, he was once the President of the PAF Gun Club, so it was only natural that he’d teach us to handle a gun. In high school, during summer breaks, he would take us to the firing range where we trained to handle a 45. I remember going to the range, one time, he looked at the one of his aides and he said, “Cge turuan mo” (Go ahead, and teach her). It was almost automatic.

I competed and won a few trophies as a young shooter. I still remember the first time I fired a shot. I pulled the trigger, the gun sounded, and I fought the strong recoil. It was scary. Everything came too fast, but the rush was exhilarating. Those who have handled a gun, even once, will understand what I mean. It’s the kind of rush that makes you want more–so you keep coming back for more. Almost addictive.

From 45 to Rifle

I used to have good eyes, but I don’t anymore. It’s okay, I found out I can shoot well with glasses. It doesn’t look as badass, but it’s fine, I guess. Anyway that’s my coach. He’s very patient. And that’s my life source—a bottle of Gatorade.

During my most recent mission trip in Bicol, I was given the chance to handle the rifle for the first time. “Do you want to go firing?”, I smiled and asked “A 45?” But no. They wanted me to try a rifle and I haven’t tried that before. I was quite worried. It looked so dangerous and complicated, but I haven’t tried that before, so I might as well.

It’s so much different. It’s more technical than a 45 where you basically point and shoot (well and aim, of course). The rifle comes with breathing discipline. You have to breathe in deep before you shoot. It’s so tiring. Actually, I couldn’t figure it out in the beginning. I was having a hard time with the breathing thing and I was about to get frustrated. But I got it eventually. So basically you have to hold your breath in, emptying your stomach, as you take a shot. It’s so funny because when you take so long aiming for the target, you’ll lose breath, so you do it all over again. And that’s what happend to me. Haha.

Of Guns and Danger

I don’t exactly like guns. Even as a young individual, I was never comfortable around them. I’m used to guns. I’m used to bullets. I’m used to all kinds of firearms but it doesn’t mean that I like them.

There’s a certain danger and responsibility with firearms that I’m not sure I can handle. There are some things, however, that you have to cross on  your list of “things to do” or “things to learn”, just in case. I dont exactly know what I’m preparing for, but just so you know… and if you’re having ideas… I’d like to remind you all that I used to compete and I won. So when I threaten you to a fight, I’m not merely throwing blanks (not that I’m threatening you now because I’m not). But for your informaton, last I checked…


My aim is still very good.

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