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The Death Curve

I was on a leisurely motorcycle ride around Negros Occidental when I saw this along the stretch of sugar cane plantations. I saw it from a far, laughed at it, and decided I needed to go back around so I could take a photo of it.

It seemed like a brilliant idea, but then I felt a little tug in my heart as we were going around. I guess at the back of my mind I was thinking, “What the hell Crix, you were already spared by the Death Curve, do you really have to go back?” And I did go ’round–thankfully, I survived it a second time, though.

Risk to Life

Well I didn’t really ask to go around because I was looking for a thrill. I just wanted to document it. They’re counting deaths either to warn or prove a point–I dont really know–and I thought it was cool. Of course when we turned around to take a photo, it meant that I put myself back in danger when I was already OUT.

Then it got me thinking about bucket lists and why people’s lists mostly involve danger. You know, stuff like jumping off a cliff, sky diving, running a full marathon, swimming in shark infested waters, or firing a gun. It’s quite ironic too because you want to do dangerous things before you die. But what if you die putting your life at risk like that? What’s the point then?

Why do people crave danger? Does it make life more worth while? Does it mean that if they tick all the items on that list, and lived through it, they come out of life more victorious? What is there to gain with all of this? And what happens to the rest of the population who have zero aspirations of putting their lives at risk? Are they called cowards?

Call me a coward then. In 2015 I was in Ariel’s Point in Boracay and I wasted my chance to jump off a cliff. My mind had imagined millions of ways that one jump could go wrong, so I couldn’t make it. Better safe than sorry, I said.

Death Curve… 33 Deaths. I wonder if this sign is updated. It doesn’t look like it’s been updated since it’s been put up there. Does that mean the sign worked?

Slowing Down

At some point in my life I decided it was time to slow down. Perhaps I saw a sign… “Real life, Be careful”. Haha. Maybe I did. Maybe I got some kind of warning along the way because if I was more careless in the past, I am very much calculating nowadays.

Back then I was trigger-happy. I hit without regard for consequence. Now I feel that I am more cautious. More distrusting of people and their intentions. Not because I have lost faith in people, but I realized I had to leave some for myself.

Perhaps that’s cowardice. Maybe that’s wisdom. But if the latter is true then why did I go around for? Did I do it for posterity’s sake? Hahaha.

Whatever it is, just remember if you’re ever in Cadiz, Negros Occidental–beware of the Death Curve.

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