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My Birthday Weekend

Some people get emotional on their birthdays but I was never the type. Last year was different though…

36 was much better than 35

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Planning A Binondo Foodtrip

Spur of the moment plans are often the best laid plans. And my trip to Binondo was just like that. My friend said, “I want to go on a foodtrip to Binondo” and I said, “Let’s do it”. And so we did.

Ready for Binondo. Our first stop was Wai ying.

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Jollibee and the Heart of Balikbayans

I don’t know how common it is in your circle, but in mine, I have balikbayans demanding a trip to Jollibee as soon as they get out of the airport. When I picked up one of my best friends before, our first stop after the airport was…well, you know. She feasted on chicken joy and burger steak–it made it her truly happy and welcomed back home. And then last month, I surprised a friend who came home a day after her birthday–and we surprised her not just with our presence, we also gave her cake and a Jollibee feast. She was so happy, I’m not sure what truly delighted her about the surprise–the FOOD or our presence. Haha.

This is the Jollibee surprise we planned. This is just half of the Jollibee goodies served.

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Seafood Can Kill Me

Part of my friend’s vacay itinerary is to visit DAMPA. It is a shop and cook kind of restaurant and it serves mainly seafood. You go to the wet market to buy the food and then you choose a restaurant and tell them how you want the food cooked. It’s a bit pricey, but the food is fresh and is cooked amazingly so it’s really worth the money you pay.
So anyway, when my family goes to DAMPA they know to order for me fish and chicken/pork. I am allergic to seafood so places like DAMPA is not really for me, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Anyway, on our drive to Macapagal, I only then thought to remind my friend about my allergy. “Oh shoot!” She forgot but I told her not to worry about it because I can just order something for myself–and I got steamed fish with tausi (very yummy by the way!)
On Instagram, I said: “Literally… to DIE for”

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