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The Words I Write


I write because while my voice is loud enough I know that the volume does not give me the strength to tell the truth.  My pen is more powerful than my tongue and sharper than my teeth, so it can bite and give necessary pain when in reality I cant even hurt a fly

I write because my head often spins with a cocktail of words that dont make sense unless I translate it onto paper. In dreams over clouds I’m often too drunk in the deluge of emotions that cascade in my heart in poetic phrases that pile up and it suffocates me…

I write because in this battle I am a soldier and I’d die if I wont fight with the ammo I know.

I write because otherwise Ill choke in my own words for the overload is heavy and the baggage is infected.

I write because… why not?

I write because… what else?

I write because… otherwise no one will understand

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about me, i am a dentist, i am a writer, in my opinion, this is life, this is my family

The Good Wife and My Dream of Becoming A Lawyer

A few years ago I began watching The Good Wife. I cannot remember why I started. but back then I thought it was a family drama–the story of a bad husband, a good wife and a string of women (on the side), but it was more than that. If you journeyed with Alicia Florrick through 7 seasons, you are familiar with her personal liberation. A lowly housewife, pushed into the limelight because of a scandal, she fought through the treacherous road, picked herself up and rode the waves.

My Dream of Taking Up Law

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Me the dentist. Definitely not a lawyer. 

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