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Just So You Know…

I can do this.

Yes, apparently.

My dad was in the Military. Apart from that, he was once the President of the PAF Gun Club, so it was only natural that he’d teach us to handle a gun. In high school, during summer breaks, he would take us to the firing range where we trained to handle a 45. I remember going to the range, one time, he looked at the one of his aides and he said, “Cge turuan mo” (Go ahead, and teach her). It was almost automatic.

I competed and won a few trophies as a young shooter. I still remember the first time I fired a shot. I pulled the trigger, the gun sounded, and I fought the strong recoil. It was scary. Everything came too fast, but the rush was exhilarating. Those who have handled a gun, even once, will understand what I mean. It’s the kind of rush that makes you want more–so you keep coming back for more. Almost addictive.

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Of RomComs and Koreanovelas

When I started going on medical missions in the mountains with the Army, my sisters said I was like Dr Kang. They joked that one day I would meet a soldier and he will be like Captain Yoo Shi-jin. I just laughed.


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Everybody Lies

Dr House always say, “Everybody lies” when he talks about patients. In a medical forum I am a part of, we were just talking about this and we’ve all had experience with patients who’ve lied to us, whether it is about the true history of their condition, an activity they’ve engaged in, medication they took and so forth. Patients are naturally frightened or embarrassed of the truth, so they lie and withhold information from doctors, but there are some lies that still get uncovered. And sometimes, it’s already obvious that you’ve caught them in a lie, but they will still commit to it–might as well, right, they’ve already gotten that far.

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Working with ARMS (Asian Relief and Medical Services)

Early this year I got invited to join a Medical and Dental Mission to Bicol. I’ve always enjoyed going to these things, but I don’t get invited to a lot, and this ARMS trip is a special one so I was ecstatic. I was initially asked to join for a week, but later on I was told that I needed to stay for two, and after praying I decided to go for it. I was telling myself: “Crix you’ve been praying for something like this for a long time. You have been looking for a way to serve the Lord and this is it. Why are you having second thoughts about it?” So I asked my assistant to block the dates and I booked my ticket.
arms mission12.jpg
In Site#4: Malictay Island, San Miguel. We had to hike to the school. It was a scenic path, but it was scorching hot, that morning.

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Seafood Can Kill Me

Part of my friend’s vacay itinerary is to visit DAMPA. It is a shop and cook kind of restaurant and it serves mainly seafood. You go to the wet market to buy the food and then you choose a restaurant and tell them how you want the food cooked. It’s a bit pricey, but the food is fresh and is cooked amazingly so it’s really worth the money you pay.
So anyway, when my family goes to DAMPA they know to order for me fish and chicken/pork. I am allergic to seafood so places like DAMPA is not really for me, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Anyway, on our drive to Macapagal, I only then thought to remind my friend about my allergy. “Oh shoot!” She forgot but I told her not to worry about it because I can just order something for myself–and I got steamed fish with tausi (very yummy by the way!)
On Instagram, I said: “Literally… to DIE for”

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