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The Death Curve

I was on a leisurely motorcycle ride around Negros Occidental when I saw this along the stretch of sugar cane plantations. I saw it from a far, laughed at it, and decided I needed to go back around so I could take a photo of it.

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Growing Up and #Adulting

I realized when you’re #adulting, you spend a lot of time in deep thought…

When did I start growing up? I don’t know. Have I properly grown up? I mean what does it mean to be an adult in the first place? I wonder if I completely qualify–do you think you do? Sometimes I see people who are much younger, acting more adult than I–but at the same time I see people who are older than I, acting quite childish. Anyway, the first time I encountered the word #adulting was on a friend’s post. She was preparing to move out of her parents’ house and was shopping for her new place. I realized, just then, that people around me (or people my age) are entering a phase in their lives that demand sensibility–hence, I see a lot of #adulting posts, represented in various aspects of their lives.

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