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Touching People’s Lives

I’ve always wanted to be a dentist. My uncle was a dentist and I said, “I want to do that”, and when I finally became one I realized that it wasn’t so special. Haha. Actually, when younger individuals tell me they want to be a dentist, I’d always discourage them and say, “Oh do not make the mistake I made!”

Of course the main advantage you enjoy when you’re in private practice is that you have so much freedom, being your own boss and all. But that’s not much, really. It’s mostly hardwork and with very little gain. Things change, however, when you revert your focus.

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Finding My Purpose

The other day I woke up to a very bad dream. In the dream I was a bad dentist. So bad that friends and family hated me. I remember waking up sad… and then I started crying. I was in a mission, sleeping with a doctor on the other bed, and I started to sob. “It’s just a dream, Crix”, I said. “Just a dream.”

As a dentist, my primary patients are my family. On the chair, is my youngest sister.

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Rebuilding the Clinic

In the beginning of 2014 I received the saddest news of the year. I was going about on my day, I was heading out of the clinic for a quick visit to a nearby store and the owner of the neighbor shop said: Narinig mo ba? Nabenta na daw nila yung building, ah” (So, have you heard? They’ve finally sold the building.) I looked at him. I pretended to be totally okay with it and I ran back inside. It wasn’t exactly the first time for me to hear this. Rumors about selling the building circulated 2 years prior but it was never pursued and we were assured that we would all be given proper notice once things are certain, so I stopped worrying about it a long time ago until I heard it again that day. When I got back upstairs, I took my phone and called the caretaker. She was shocked I knew about it, but she had no choice but to confirm that it was indeed happening–the building will be sold and we had three months to get ready to move out.

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