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Song In My Head: Hurt Before

The other day I was leisurely waiting for my next patient when this old Corrs favorite started playing. I’ve always liked The Corrs, and I still regret missing their concert when I was living in the UK, thinking I’d have another chance someday. What chance? Royal Albert Hall and you make that stupid decision to miss it?

Anyway, the heart of the lyrics of most Corrs’ songs appeal to the common woman. For me, the passion in Andrea’s pleas, speak the truest emotions of women who are in pain, in love and hopeful. So when I was in highschool and living through my puppy love dramas, Andrea was my ADELE. Andrea Corr said the words I only whispered in my head.

Hurt Before

The Corrs

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Song In My Head: Dreaming With A Broken Heart

On my drive home, I was listening to the radio and Magic 89.9 was taking callers on the topic of “moving on”. Throughout the journey, I heard tales from one guy and two girls, and both girls were on the verge of crying. I was laughing with my assistant and just as they were about to end the segment, the lovely John Mayer song played–and the laughter immediately stopped.

The first time I really listened to this song was when I used to watch “So You Think You Can Dance” and Twitch and Kherington performed on stage. Maybe it was the song, maybe it was John Mayer, maybe it was the dance—or maybe it was all of the above. I fell in love with the song in an instant and when I heard it on the radio, I was transported back to that moment when I first watched them perform (see the video below). Suddenly I forgot about the annoying voices on the radio and their so-called heartbreaks. Mostly I stopped because the song made me realize that once upon a time, I had my heart broken too.

dreaming with a broken heart1.jpg

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Song In My Head: The Scientist

So Coldplay’s coming over for a concert–now that’s something I’d want to see. I’ve always liked Coldplay and Chris Martin. I love the poetry in his music and his voice–well, of course. Anyway, the song in my head for today is an old Coldplay song that I first encountered in “Wicker Park”. Do you know that movie? It is about a guy and girl who falls in love by chance–and another girl who maneuvers their two worlds, to keep them apart. I became obsessed with that film when it came out (because of Josh Harrnett) and I was equally crazy about the soundtrack. I can’t remember if this is the video that was playing backwards–check the video below, I think it is.
Anyway, ‘The Scientist” is a fairly straightforward song about love, heartbreak and second chances.
The Scientist

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Song In My Head: Sit Still Look Pretty

I was brought up to be independent. As the eldest of four girls, my military father made sure his children were strong enough to fend for themselves. Modified versions of “damsels in distress”, we do not exactly live our lives like MEN, but our parents made sure we were never helpless. We might not be completely strong and skilled, but we were taught to be quick with problem solving. Panic, you lose, you know? Well actually, you can panic—but then you have to know what to do next.
Growing up, my Papa also made sure we engaged in a lot of sports, so I did swimming and track. Then in high school, I was taught to fire guns and began to compete in women’s leagues. Finally, as soon as we could secure a student’s permit, we were taught how to drive and I drove myself to school in College.
This song, “Sit Still, Look Pretty” makes a stand for women who, even in this day, are objectified and pretty much limited in society. It stresses that we refuse to be treated like toys and trophy wives–we don’t want to “sit still, look pretty”, because why should we be diminished to some kind of display right? Women nowadays achieve career levels equivalent to men; we are educated to exhibit excellence and we are even better than them, sometimes (if not always).

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Song In My Head: I’ll Show You

When Justin Bieber’s latest album came out, noise about his songs came in louder and louder, especially when the song “Purpose” was released. It was a fresher, more mature Bieber, everyone kept saying. And I won’t be ashamed to admit it, but I downloaded the entire album and I enjoy listening to his music. The more mature Bieber wants to be taken seriously–and I get him.


I’ll Show You
-Justin Bieber-

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I Want to Have a Conversation with Adele

Once upon a time, I fell in love with Adele. I don’t exactly remember which song I first heard, but I remember listening through “19” and falling in love with the songs and her powerful voice. When “21” came out, I fell in love with her even more, and that’s when the love affair started. Adele is a common feature on my personal and clinic playlists. She is a staple on my karaoke song list and although I can never do an impressive rendition, I take it on with much courage.


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Big Girls Cry

I first heard Sia in “Chandelier”, that’s a good song too. I like Sia, she’s just all the about the music and I like artists like that. This song, I think, I just heard on the radio on my morning drive to work and I didn’t know it was Sia until I Shazam’d it. I immediately searched for it on Spotify and I’ve had it there for awhile until I listened to it intently, and realized this is MY SONG. Not exactly reflecting my emotions at the moment, but this speaks who I am. I am a big girl now—34 years old, quite grown, but I cry and I cry like a baby. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…

Big Girls Cry

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