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Song In My Head: Sit Still Look Pretty

I was brought up to be independent. As the eldest of four girls, my military father made sure his children were strong enough to fend for themselves. Modified versions of “damsels in distress”, we do not exactly live our lives like MEN, but our parents made sure we were never helpless. We might not be completely strong and skilled, but we were taught to be quick with problem solving. Panic, you lose, you know? Well actually, you can panic—but then you have to know what to do next.
Growing up, my Papa also made sure we engaged in a lot of sports, so I did swimming and track. Then in high school, I was taught to fire guns and began to compete in women’s leagues. Finally, as soon as we could secure a student’s permit, we were taught how to drive and I drove myself to school in College.
This song, “Sit Still, Look Pretty” makes a stand for women who, even in this day, are objectified and pretty much limited in society. It stresses that we refuse to be treated like toys and trophy wives–we don’t want to “sit still, look pretty”, because why should we be diminished to some kind of display right? Women nowadays achieve career levels equivalent to men; we are educated to exhibit excellence and we are even better than them, sometimes (if not always).

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